Terms and conditions

The website “www.sammyacht.com” and the mobile application “Sammyacht.com” are owned by the Greek company "Sammy P.C.", which is organized and existing under the laws of Greece and has its seat at the Municipality of Patras, in 121 Maizonos Str., with Tax Identification Number 801167487 and with General Commercial Registry (GEMI) No. 150644116000.

1.1 An online registration tool is available for the marinas at the web address sammyacht.com. The marinas can use this service for free in order to create and manage their profile and content. The profile is validated by SaMMY and afterwards becomes available through the platform (web & mobile app) for providing electronic services to the yachters including e-booking capabilities.

1.2 Information provided/inserted by the Marina to the Platform shall include information relating to the Marina (pictures, photos and descriptions), its amenities and offered services, the spaces available for reservation, details of the billing rates (including all applicable taxes, levies, surcharges and fees) as well as availability, cancellation and other policies or restrictions and shall comply with formats and standards provided by Sammyacht.com.

1.3 The Marina is at all times responsible for a correct and up-to-date statement of the Marina Information, including additional availability of berth spaces for certain periods.

2.1 When a reservation is made by a Yachter using the Platform, the Marina shall receive a request that includes the date of arrival, the number of stays, the berth space rate, the Yachter name, boat craft details, along with other specific comments/request(s) made by the Yachter. The platform is not responsible for the correctness and completeness of the information and dates provided by Yachters and it is not responsible for the payment obligations of the Yachter/Boater related to their (online) reservation. For the avoidance of doubt, the Marina shall check and verify, on a regular basis (at least once a day), the status of the reservations made or the requests enquired.

2.2 The Marina shall process the yachter's request and either commits for the requested booking, or amend the request and get back with an updated offer or discharge the booking request, sending back an online message to the yachter in all cases. The communication from the side of the Marina should be done within a 24h period after the reception of the booking request.

2.3 By making a reservation through the Platform a direct agreement is created solely between the Marina and the Yachter (the "Yachter Reservation").

2.4 The Marina is bound to accept or not a Yachter as its contractual party, and to handle the online request reservation in compliance with the Marina Information (including rate) listed on the Platform at the time at which the reservation was made.

3.1 The Marina shall provide the berth spaces that have been booked and in the event that the Marina is not able to dispose berth spaces for any reason whatsoever, the Marina shall promptly inform Sammyacht.com via its Customer Service.

3.2 In case of overbooking, the Marina shall use its best endeavors to offer alternative arrangements of equal or superior quality at the expense of the Marina and in the event that no berth space is available on arrival, the Marina will compensate Sammyacht.com and/or the Yachter for all reasonable costs and expenses (e.g. costs for an alternative Marina, transportation, telephone costs) made, suffered, paid or incurred by the Yachter and/or Sammyacht.com due to or caused by the overbooking.

4.1 All info that the Marina provides to Sammyacht.com must be accurate and up to date. Sammyacht.com, in its sole discretion, may use the Marina's name, logo and any other symbol, word, slogan or identifier associated with the Marina or other legal entity on the Platform.

4.2 The Marina hereby agrees to allow Sammy to send emails and other communications, based on the contact information provided by the Marina, to the Yachters.

4.3 The Marina may voluntarily agree to send email communications to the customers on behalf of Sammy announcing the Marina's affiliation with Sammyacht.com and stating the benefits of using the Sammy's Services.

4.4 Sammy shall have the right to retain information about the Yachter including but not limited to: Name, Email Address and any other available contact information for record keeping purposes. Sammy respects the privacy of the Yachter and hereby agrees not to reuse this information for third-party marketing purposes. Users registered to Sammy shall be subject to the current Terms and may be contacted for any issue regarding the Sammy services or any other relative information need.


Sammy means the business structure that operates and supports the platforms and services for connecting the yachters and marinas through the web and via mobile apps.

Yachter means a user of the Platform's services or a customer of the marinas.

Marina means any administrative structure or entity that has the responsibility to manage hosting services for yachts/boats, along with complementary services for them (water, electricity, internet supply and other amenities).

Intellectual Property Right means any patent, copyright, inventions, database rights, design right, registered design, trademark, trade name, brand, logos, service mark, know-how, utility model, unregistered design or, where relevant, any application for any such right, know-how, trade or business name, domain name (under whatever extension, e.g. .com, .gr etc.) or other similar right or obligation whether registered or unregistered or other industrial or intellectual property right subsisting in any territory or jurisdiction in the world.

Platform means the website (Sammyacht.com), apps, tools and/or other devices of Sammy and its affiliated companies and business partners on or through which the Service is (made) available.

Service means the online berth reservation system of Sammy through which Marinas can make their berth space available for reservation, and through which Yachter can make reservations at such marinas.